What Supplemental Health Benefits Your Employer Health Insurance Policy Might Cover

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What Supplemental Health Benefits Your Employer Health Insurance Policy Might Cover

Many employers across the country offer health insurance for their workers. These plans usually let you see doctors when you need help. They also cover emergency room visits when you need immediate health and pay for hospital stays. You may not realize that your health insurance policy does not include some types of supplemental coverage. Supplemental health benefits include things that you need and things that affect your overall health. Take a look at some of the benefits that your current plan lacks.


It’s rare that the health plans offered through employers cover vision costs. If you have diabetes or other medical conditions, you need an eye exam at least once a year. The doctor will make sure your eyes are healthy and that they don’t show any signs of damage caused by those diseases. Vision insurance usually pays for both your eye exam and a new pair of glasses every year. Those who wear contacts receive a new set every year, too. Vision insurance is often an add-on that costs extra.


Whether you have perfect teeth or need some help, you want dental coverage. National Risk Experts, LLC can help you choose health insurance in Palm Beach that includes a dental policy. Most policies pay for one visit every six months as well as the exam and cleaning fees. During the exam, the dentist will look for problems that might impact your health such as cavities that need filling and damaged teeth that you must remove. When you look for a new plan, always look at what it covers. The best plans will cover your appointments as well as referrals your dentist provides when you need work they cannot handle.

Long Term Care

No matter how healthy you feel today, you never know what might happen in the future. Long-term care insurance is just one of the supplemental benefits you can add to an insurance policy. Many employers do not offer this option because of how much it costs. It pays for the care that an individual needs when they have a chronic condition. You might receive coverage to pay for an in-home caregiver or that covers the cost of adult daycare. Other plans pay when a covered person needs to stay in a nursing home or hospital.

Other Examples

Some of the other supplemental health benefits that are available today include disability and cancer coverage. Disability coverage pays for the costs of caring for someone with a disability. Cancer coverage pays for treatments and appointments that a person diagnosed with cancer needs. You can also look for a health insurance policy that includes critical illness or accident coverage.

Choosing the Right Insurance Plan

Whether you need supplemental insurance or want to pick a new employer plan, help is out there. Many policies lack some of the supplemental coverage that others include such as vision, dental, and long-term coverage. Contact National Risk Experts, LLC today to get help with health insurance in Palm Beach.

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