Auto Insurance Guards Against Distracted Drivers

Auto Insurance Guards Against Distracted Drivers

Next time you’re on your way to or from work, have a look around at all the other drivers on the road. In most cases, you’ll see enough terrible driving habits to make you glad you’ve got auto insurance from a company like National Risk Experts. Obviously the biggest distraction is cell phones, but we’ve all seen people eating, putting on makeup and even brushing their teeth all while changing the radio station and disciplining children in the back seat. Talk about a recipe for an accident! The best insurance agency knows that people who are distracted get into more accidents, it’s as simple as that. The best way to protect yourself is with car insurance from National Risk Experts. Along with cars, National Risk can also provide coverage for everything you drive, including recreational vehicles and motorcycles.

Here are a few of the most common driver distractions according to industry research.

  • Spacing out: Well over half of the car accidents which occur on a daily basis can be blamed on drivers simply getting lost in their own thoughts and then doing something like running a red light or drifting into another lane.
  • Cell phone use: This one is pretty obvious. Some people talk, other text and some even play Angry Birds when they should be paying attention to the road in front of them. A quick glance at a new text may seem harmless, but those few seconds of distraction is enough for disaster to happen. Teens are overwhelmingly more likely to be in a car accident due to cell phone usage.
  • Unruly passengers: Not every passenger is bad, but many drivers are distracted by conversation with those in the car with them. For parent’s this might mean turning around to scold children or entertain a pet. Just like with a cell phone, those few seconds are enough for something bad to happen.

Car accidents are a part of life, but you can protect yourself with auto insurance from National Risk Experts. Call today to speak with a representative!

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