Quality Car Insurance From National Risk

Quality Car Insurance From National Risk

Palm Beach County residents are constantly bombarded by car insurance ads. Whether it’s a television commercial, a highway billboard or an Internet popup ad, it’s almost impossible to escape the reminders of the importance of automobile insurance.  But it’s for good reason. According to the Insurance Research Council, one of every four drivers in Florida is uninsured.  Locally based in Palm Beach Gardens, National Risk Experts can provide South Florida’s drivers with the best coverage along with the personable customer service you could only expect from a hometown insurance provider.

The importance of quality car insurance can’t be understated. Florida is currently among the top five states with uninsured drivers. Unfortunately, it’s also why driver’s in the Sunshine State pay an average of $1,476 a year in premiums.  The statistics are alarming. Most insurance premiums pay for injuries, damage to vehicles, and uninsured motorist coverage according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Cornell University Associate Professor Sharon Tennyson spoke to Sun Sentinel writer Julie Patel about the importance of auto insurance and how it impacts every driver.

“If all drivers had insurance and carried adequate liability insurance, then there would be little need to purchase uninsured motorist coverage,” Tennyson said. “If some drivers are uninsured, then the full costs will have to borne by the insured driver’s insurance.”

Some states are using new methods to crack down on uninsured drivers. In Massachusetts, police are allowed to remove the license plates from uninsured vehicles. The results have been effective. Less than 5 percent of Massachusetts drivers are uninsured.  In New York, police can access information from the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Just over 5 percent of New York drivers are uninsured.

Uninsured drivers in Florida will have a note placed on their record with the Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles. Although the state can suspend the licenses, registrations and tags of uninsured motorists, police can’t access the information through their computers.

As of now, nearly 24 percent of Florida drivers don’t have insurance. National Risk Experts urges every motorist to be responsible and become part of the solution. Don’t be a statistic.  Your car is your second biggest investment next to your home. Protect it with the best comprehensive coverage.

In addition to auto insurance, National Risk Experts also provides quality coverage for your home, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement planning, business insurance, workers compensation and asset protection.

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