Discover the Benefits of Employee Leasing

Discover the Benefits of Employee Leasing

Every small business owner started with the same dream. You’re finally the boss of your own company and doing what you’ve always enjoyed. You’ve always had ambitions of being successful. But you probably never got excited about handling payroll, benefits, HR issues or risk management. It’s tough enough to make your company profitable and successful. Many business owners have only so much time to deal with human resource issues. To help keep your business running efficiently, business owners are turning to employee leasing services to help manage their payroll, benefits and taxes.

Employee leasing services can be a huge help to small business owners. But it’s more than just outsourcing your HR or payroll department. Today’s services offer a wider variety of benefits. By using co-employment relationships, employee leasing companies provide affordable benefits, attract the most talented employees and provide new technology.  Some of these benefits include:

  • A wider range health and insurance benefits
  • Advanced web-based payroll services
  • Comprehensive risk management support
  • Employee training and development
  • Employee discount programs.

But the best part about employee leasing is it can help reduce net expenses. It allows employers to get their job done without having to worry about the hassles of employment-related laws and paperwork. The transferring of administrative functions can be very cost effective. Many small businesses can’t afford to hire accountants or a human resource manager.  Employees benefit by receiving excellent insurance coverage.

National Risk Experts can provide small and medium-sized businesses with comprehensive employee leasing services to make sure your company is running smoothly and your employees are protected and correctly compensated. They’ll make sure clients are receiving the most competitive worker’s compensation insurance, group health insurance and other types of premiums. National Risk Experts also partners with the Professional Employer Organization to help reduce our client’s burden of payroll. This will include more flexible payroll reporting options, detailed payroll reports along with direct deposit and payroll deductions.

National Risk Experts provides more than just employee leasing.  Located in Palm Beach Gardens, they’ve been providing the people of Palm Beach County and South Florida with personal insurance, business insurance, auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance and physician services. If you’re a business owner looking for human resource solutions, contact one of our agents today and see how employee leasing can work for you.

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